About Us

Jozi Power Limited is a company founded in 2007 to address the expected shortage of power in Africa. Jozi Power is specifically set up to respond quickly to power requirements of industrial clients.


Leslie Dann

Founder and Managing Director

Leslie Dann (M.Eng Electrical, MBA) is the founder and managing director of Jozi Power Limited. Leslie has 13 years experience in development, construction and financing of diesel power plants in Africa. Alongside his interest in Jozi Power Limited, he also has an interest in two fixed power stations, one in Mali and one in Tanzania.


Alan Black


Alan Black is an experienced energy, infrastructure and project finance lawyer with a specific focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.  In addition to being a practising solicitor in the UK, he holds a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from London Business School.  Alan has been a director of Jozi Power since the company's beginnings in 2008.