Generator Rental

The Jozi Power containerised diesel generator sets are each built into standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers which enables quick and simple mobilisation for short to medium term rental contracts.

The containers have been fitted with air intake and outlet louvres and filters that are specifically designed to protect the engine in dusty environments. Each genset container is effectively a self-contained mobile power station, as it includes the diesel engine, alternator, cooling system, 1000 litre fuel tank, silencers, flexible control system, air filters, fuel filters, water-in-fuel detectors and motorised synchronising circuit breaker. All gensets can be controlled and operated either locally on the local control panel (accessible from outside each genset container) or remotely via a central control panel with full alarm monitoring capabilities. All genset packages have the option to be either refuelled locally or connected to a bulk fuel supply and refuelled by an onboard automatic fuel control system.

Engine 1MW – MTU 18V2000G26F

2MW – MTU 16V4000G63

Alternator Stamford
Control system DEIF
Air filters 3-Stage Heavy Duty
Fuel filters Duel Racor Fuel filters with water content monitoring
Voltages (Including transformers) 400V, 525V, 660V, 1000V, 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV or 33kV